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SPMU Dubai

SPMU Dubai is now in your area at Studio Yolanda. Yolanda is a well-known SPMU specialist in the Netherlands with clients coming from afar because the quality is so good. If you want the very best SPMU in Dubai don’t hesitate and book an appointment. Check our Instagram for more info and portfolio. 

Semi permanent make-up stays visible for longer periods of time which means you don’t have to do your make-up every day. A treatment is always needed after a year to touch up your semi permanent make-up again. So both SPMU eyebrow and SPMU eyeliners remain beautiful for a longer period of time. Because we use the very best pigments, our treatment stays neat for a very long time. We very carefully select the right colours that suit you best and everything, of course, in consultation with you. If you are looking for a Tattoo Studio, check out Best Tattoo Dubai where the most beautiful creations are made. 

SPMU Dubai

Semi Permanent
make-up near me

SPMU near me results in Studio Yolanda when you are looking for a Semi permanent make-up studio in Dubai. There are several SPMU Shops in Dubai but Studio Yolanda is a fully certified SPMU studio in Dubai. With her many years of experience from the Netherlands, she continues her career in the emirates. If you are looking for an SPMU studio where you can get your eyebrows or lips done, or just want to get your eyebrows neat, make an appointment. You can also contact us via Whatsapp.

As for the pain, this is not too bad at Studio Yolanda because we work with the best machines and materials. Technology also does not stand still within the SPMU, making everything easier and easier and pain is very limited. If you want Semi permanent make-up in Dubai with limited pain, you have come to the right place too.